The way digital photography transformed the photojournalism has impacted wedding photography in general !

Rapid digital photography‘s development has transformed some well-known photojournalistic photographers to marriage photographers. The most advanced cameras allowed photographers to take more quality pictures than before. However, this instant style of photography is a lot more than catching natural photographs. The craft requires a strong sense of anticipation, composition, lighting, timing and editing. Like CreativeView – Meilleur Photographe Mariage, photojournalists tend to use more often that average the ambient light for better recording of the ambiance and avoid to annoy bride and groom. Wedding photojournalists typically use online photo galleries to display their final pictures, or deliver the digital files to the couples. From time to time, they also make wedding albums. The chronology of the day is respected to tell their story as you can see on


Comment photographier correctement les petits animaux ?

Il n’est rien de plus complexe que la photographie animalière à part peut-être la photographie de mariage. Ces disciplines requièrent toute l’énergie du photographe Genève mariage ou du photographe animalier. Lorsque les photographes de mariage actifs à Genève ont débuté leurs interventions, le site web a été modifié en conséquence pour suivre cette évolution

Tips for Better Composition of Seascape Photographs

I do not believe that in photography there are absolute rules of composition, but it is undeniable that certain compositions work better than others. Why? Probably because our brain is the result of millions of years of evolution, and as in two dots and a line we recognize a face (you don’t believe me? Have […]

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8 Quotes From Master Photographer Ansel Adams and How You to Apply Them to Your Photography

The technology of photography has been evolving at a very rapid rate. Most of our cameras are almost obsolete by the time we purchase them! But one thing about photography hasn’t changed over the years and that is the art of photography. We can learn so much about the that from the masters of yester-years. Ansel Adams […]

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