​7 Natural Wedding Photography Posturing Tips

It’s been a long time given that the 80s and 90s formal wedding event portraits in studios, that have given wedding photography a discredit in some circles. Nowadays there are actually amazing wedding event photographers creating images that resemble art and capture real emotion, not staged photos. If you are considering getting into wedding photography or want an insiders look at how some of that stunning, natural wedding event posturing is produced, here are 10 pointers to assist keep it genuine.

1. Stay in Touch.

There is something very intimate and powerful about seeing people touching. This may seem obvious to you, however I believe a mistake can be made by leaving area in between couples or groups. Tell your groups « Get real close- do not hesitate of each other! » Or something silly like « Pretend you like each other! » with a big smile on your face. With the groomsmen, I love getting them in a line for something official, and after that informing everyone to « Harass the groom! ».

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2. Leave and Come Back.

This is my go to wedding event posing direction for most brides and grooms. I tell them to « Leave, speak about exactly what you’re going to do tomorrow. » After a couple of good shots I inform them to « Come back. » It’s the easiest thing for them to do, they aren’t thinking about themselves or me due to the fact that I’m far enough away, and it looks natural since it is natural.

3. Look at Your Shoes.

This is a fun one that I have actually found makes for an extremely pretty glamour shot with the bride-to-bes. Typically I’ll see them look over their side at their shoes or the bottom of their gown, and the minute always seems fresh and natural and quite, especially showcasing their profile. If they aren’t doing that naturally, you can constantly say « Examine your shoulder at your shoes. » Be prepared to click in a moment!

4. Button Up.

There are some terrific natural wedding event posing minutes with the groom as he is getting ready. As the title recommends, inform the groom to unbutton and button his jacket up. Or place on his cufflinks. Or adjust his bowtie/tie. This gives him something to do, the moment looks natural and manly, and if you are near some good window light, you’ve got your money shot.

5. Help the Groom Get Ready.

This also includes the groom, but is a small variation on the last suggestion. Have the groom’s dad or finest man (or any individual, actually) assist change something on the groom. Preferably his bowtie, tie, or boutonniere. If they aren’t doing it currently, ask a groomsman if he can « make certain the groom’s tie is on right. » This develops a natural moment that looks fantastic, as well as involves pointer # 1, Stay in Touch.

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6. Spin.

If the bride-to-be has got the gown, utilize it! With the best personality and dress mix, you can highlight your bride-to-be’s inner kid with this fun wedding event positioning suggestion. Ask her to spin! Decrease your shutter speed for a fun motion picture.

7. Something with Character!

I like doing this during pictures with the wedding event party. I typically will take a photo with the groom and each of his groomsmen separately, and the bride-to-be and each of her bridesmaids independently. Making it enjoyable for them (and if the group looks like the type to do it) after each basic photo I’ll inform them to provide me « something with personality! » This is normally exactly what comes out, totally by themselves.



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